Special Abilities

Adventurer Special Abilities

Adventurers in the Skalara setting have special abilities that set them apart from the everyday person on the street, whether it is just being better trained or having some supernatural seeming ability.


Adventurers may choose from two of the following sets of special abilities (a couple of the more powerful abilities require the expenditure of both slots to acquire).


Accelerated Healing

Your Adventurer recovers hit points, power points and from wounds at twice the normal rate.



Your Adventurer may use either hand without penalty, and if fighting with a weapon in each hand, may make a single attack using both weapons and, if successful, apply the damage of both weapons to the attack and by use the offhand weapon to +2 to AP against close combat attacks from the front and flanks that can be seen and blocked)


Animal Speech

This Adventurer has the preternatural ability to communicate basic concepts with all natural animals, and may choose one particular animal species with whom they may converse normally.   This communication will sound to those nearby as if the Adventurer is barking, growling, grunting and making strange movements as they are using the communication method of the animal, including non-verbal communications in the form of bites, pushes, body movements and the like.


Armor Mastery 

Your Adventurer has an innate or trained affinity with wearing armor and as such, they gain +2 AP to all armor worn and may Ignore the Strike Rank Penalties of armor they wear.


Born of War and Blood

Your Adventurer has an innate skill with weapons that allows them to pull a bit more damage from their attacks.   All attacks of one type (close combat, unarmed, thrown weapons, archery) that this Adventurer makes are increased by one die step for that type of attack (i.e., 1d4 becomes 1d6, 1d6 becomes 1d8, etc.).  This may be chosen twice and applied to two different types of attacks


Dark Vision

You can see in low light as if it were daylight.  You can see 15 feet in complete darkness.  Your eyes adapt quickly to sudden changes in the light level, so you if you succeed at a resilience check, you are not disadvantaged when the light level changes.  If  you fail the roll, you are at a -25% penalty for only one round



Your Adventurer is not affected by fear (or sanity-challenging) effects as often as others.  Taking this ability grants the Adventurer a +25% bonus to all persistence checks against Fear and to Sanity Checks.


Gift of Tongues

This Adventurer has a knack for picking up languages.  They start with three additional languages at a skill of INT + 40 and any new languages they learn start with a +10% bonus to the base %.  The Adventurer is also allowed a roll of INT x 2 to understand the basic context of what is trying to be communicated in a language they are unfamiliar with.  This applies to written and spoken languages.


Healing Touch

This Adventurer can transform their Power Points directly into healing by concentrating and touching the injured individual.  Each Power Point expended can heal 1d3+1 points of damage per minute of concentration.   By expending 10 Power Points and concentrating for 15 minutes, the Adventurer can cure a single level of Wounds on an individual.  Neither the Healer nor the patient may make any other actions during this time, or both the Power Points and the Healing are lost.


Healthy as a horse, Sober as a Judge 

Your Adventurer has never been sick a day in their lives.  They are immune to all natural diseases, and get a +25% bonus to Resilience rolls to avoid the effects of toxins (including booze).


Highly Skilled 

This Adventurer has a natural affinity with using certain skills, or has trained very hard in one or more skills.  This Adventurer receives an additional 50 points with which to improve skills, and may exceed the normal maximum for starting skill rank in the campaign.  This ability may be taken twice if so desired, and may be used to purchase any skills.


Leave No Trace 

This Adventurer is able to move at full speed without leaving any tracks if they so desire.  If they possess the Natural Sciences Skill at a rank of 50% or higher, they may include a number of companions equal to 1/10th of their Natural Sciences skill with this ability. (anyone with survival may attempt to travel without leaving tracks, but it normally triples travel time).


Lightning Reflexes

Your Adventurer is faster at reacting to situations than the average.  Taking this ability grants them a +4 to Strike Rank.  This may be taken twice if so desired


Mystical Tricks  (Costs Two Slots) 

This Adventurer has an either an inborn talent or has been trained in the process of creating minor mystical effects.  They can do any of the following at will, a maximum of one per combat round, at no Power Point cost.

•  Create a floating globe of soft light that illuminates a 20’ radius, this globe of light will follow the Adventurer at a walking pace and last until dismissed or dispelled.  They decide the color of the globe of light when they create it.

•  Enhance the volume and impressiveness of their voice or the voice of another within POW x 5 feet.

Concentrate and detect the presence of magical auras and read magical writings within POW x 5 feet

•  Clean a 10’ x 10’ x 10’ area of dust, tarnish or stains.  A translucent broom, mop or feather duster appears as appropriate to clean the area.  It takes 1 minute to complete the task and then vanishes with an audible pop.


Cloud Minds – Concentrate and Improve your Adventurer’s Stealth skill by +25%

Note:  Maintaining concentration causes the hero to have a -10% penalty for doing tasks not related to the trick being concentrated upon.


Paralyzing Touch

You have been taught a special combat technique that renders your opponents unable to move or speak.  This move must be declared before the attack is made.  A successful unarmed combat attack against your opponent does no damage, but if they fail a Resilience check, they are rendered immobile and unable to speak for a number of minutes equal to your Adventurer’s Power Characteristic.  If they succeed on the check, they are partially affected and have a -25% penalty to all checks for 1d3 rounds.  If they critically fail, they are rendered unconscious for a number of minutes equal to the Adventurer’s POW Characteristic.


Punch like a Gorilla

You have an innate talent for hitting harder than most with your unarmed attacks.  A normal unarmed attack does 1d3 damage.  Your unarmed attacks do 1d6 (+damage modifier) damage.  Yes, this may be combined with Born of War and Blood if so desired.


Quick on your Feet

Your Adventurer is a bit faster than the average.  Add +2 to your Base Movement.  May be taken twice


Scale Sheer Surface

This Adventurer has a preternatural ability to climb.  They may traverse any surface, even across a ceiling, if there are some type of even minor hand-holds available.  They may move at normal movement speed like this without requiring an Athletics skill check.  On surfaces that normally would be impossible to traverse, the Adventurer may make an Athletics check to move at half speed without penalties.


Silver Tongued Devil 

Your Adventurer is able to place one or more intelligent beings into a trance-like state using the sound of their voice.  Your Adventurer may simultaneously affect a number of intelligent beings equal to 1/10th of their Influence skill total +2.  The targets must be able to see and hear the Adventurer (but do not have to understand the language being used), and if they fail a Persistence check, they will be enraptured by the spiel coming from the Adventurer, even if it is pure nonsense.  The distractions posed by combat or other dangers will give the targets a +10% bonus to their Persistence roll.   


This ability may be used 1 time per day for every 4 points of Charisma or fraction thereof, and the Adventurer must continue speaking to maintain the effect.  


Alternately, this ability can be used to inspire companions, granting the a +10% bonus to all skill checks and a +2 to damage rolls for the duration of the speech.  This can affect a number of allies equal to 1/10th of the speaker’s Influence skill total +2.


Smite the Unholy

This Adventurer can channel their Power Points into doing more damage against Undead and Demonic opponents.  Expending a Power Point during an attack will allow the Adventurer to roll an additional weapon die of damage against an Undead or Demonic opponent.  Each Power Point only affects a single attack, and Power Points must be recovered naturally. If the Undead or Demonic creature has a resistance to normal attacks, they still take the special damage gained from using this ability.


Totem Shape  (Costs Two Slots) 

This Adventurer gains a unique Skill, Shapechange (totem) at a base skill of POW + 10% and may improve this skill as any other skill.  Using this skill, the Adventurer may take on the shape of their totem animal.  


Any clothing or possessions on their person will change shape with them.  While in totem form, they maintain their own mental and spiritual characteristics, and their physical characteristics become that of an average specimen of their totem, and they gain any special abilities of the totem animal (flight, water breathing, brachiation, etc.).  


The Adventurer may change back into their normal form at will (no roll required), but taking the Totem shape requires a skill roll.  Transforming into and out of their totem form takes 1d3+3 rounds to complete.  Subtract 1 round from the time if skill is 50% to 70%, 2 rounds if the skill is 71% to 85%, 3 rounds if the skill is 86% to 95%.  If the Shapechange skill is 96% or above, the change can be done instantly.   Any attacks will be made using the Adventurers Unarmed Combat skill.


Tough as Nails

This Adventurer is a bit more resilient.  They have a natural AP of 2.  This may be taken twice if so desired.  This AP stacks with any armor worn, but does not affect their Strike Rank.


Special Abilities

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