Languages of Skalara 

Imperial – the common human tongue of the region.   It was the language of the Empire. 

Travini – language of the Reachmen.  There exists various dialects, which allows the Reachmen to identify the clan or tribe of the speaker. 

Beast Tongue – the guttural language of the beast folk.    

Jotun – the common language of the giants of Jotunheim 

Khazaki – common language of the Caliphate of Khazak (off map to the west) 

Sahabi – the language of the inhabitants of Sahabrai 


Arcane and ‘lost’ Languages of Skalara 

Slythis – language of the fabled Serpentmen of ancient times. 

Aethyri – ancient language used in some arcane texts 

Prymordi – the language of the elemental planes 

Kobalan – language of demons and evil spirits 

Nephilar – language of the servants of the gods of Light 

Taranti – ancient language of a long gone empire 



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