Geographical Features

Major Geographical Features 

The Great Northern Wall – A tall cliff that runs from the eastern coast, terminating almost one hundred miles to the west.  The cliffs average around 300 to 500 feet in height. 


The Depths – A large complex of natural (?) caverns that run beneath the Great Northern Wall and the mountains, the Darkon river flows through the center of it.  As far as anyone knows, it has never been extensively explored. 


Darkon River – originates on the north side of the Great Northern Wall, flowing through the Depths beneath the mountains, emerging from the cliff face and continuing to Baalbek bay, where it empties into the Vast Deeping 


Red River – This river originates in the mountains atop the Wall, with a waterfall that empties into the river basin below.  The river flows in a southwesterly direction, eventually joining up with the Darkon. 


Hagswallow – the area bordered by the Wall, the Red River and the Darkon river is a peat bog; very marshy and subject to fogs and sinkholes.  A few independent households make their home and their living upon the bog. 


Darkon Lake – A very deep lake about three quarters of the way from the Wall to the Bay of Baalbek.   


The Spear of Ober – a huge monolith of faintly glowing white stone that protrudes from the center of Maudroch’s Grave, towering over five thousand feet in the air above the ground.  Said to have been hurled from the sky by the god Oberon to slay the avatar of the dark god Maudroch. 


Maudroch’s Grave – a large, deep set of canyons in the earth, supposedly created when Oberon hurled his spear to slay Maudroch.  It is believed that Maudroch’s essence, or at least his avatar, is trapped beneath the ground at the bottom of the grave. 


The Dead Lands – the area surrounding Maudroch’s Grave, this area is a blasted, twisted wasteland; home to vile creatures that seek to free Maudroch from his grave. 


Bay of Baal – Once part of the Imperial City of Baalbekis, the Bay of Baal is the mouth of the Darkon River, and an island in the river holds the City State of Baalbek, all that remains of the former regional capital of the Empire. 


The Bottleneck – The Isthmus that leads from the Skalara region to the southern jungles of Farlas. 


Serpents Hold – A large island off the coast of the Bottleneck, Serpents Hold is a swampy island, home to many varieties of serpents and reptiles.  


Jotunheim – To the north of the Wall lies the kingdoms of Jotunheim, ruled by giants.  They have a trading outpost called Fafnar on the far side of the Wall. 


Beast Lands – the southern section of the lands to the west of the Darkon river.   Home to a variety of Beast Folk. 


Travin Reaches – The northern section of the land west of the Darkon and south of the Wall is home to the Reachmen, semi-nomadic and nomadic tribes of humans. 


Geographical Features

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