Damage, Wounds and Death

Damage, Wounds and Death


Hit Points – Hit points represent minor nicks, bruises, contusions and fatigue gained from physical trauma (combat, falling down, etc.) When your Hit Points are exhausted, you must make a resilience roll every round to remain active. 


Should you fail, you are rendered insensible (unable to react to your surroundings beyond possibly stumbling or crawling at half your movement away from the source of your trauma) and are Knocking on Death’s Door.  Should you critically fail this resilience roll you fall unconscious for 2d6 minutes and are Knocking on Death’s Door.


Recovering from Hit Point loss

Immediately after combat or whatever situation has inflicted hit point loss upon you, if you can take 10 minutes to sit quietly, catching your breath, possibly having a bracing drink, you can immediately recover ½  of the hit points that you have lost. 


Any additional Hit Points may be recovered by someone else applying first aid (or mystical assistance) to you immediately thereafter. Otherwise you regain a number of hit points equal to ½  of your Constitution per day of complete rest, or 1 per 10 points of Constitution per day of light activity.


Wounds require some type of medical treatment and are automatically recovered from at a rate of one wound per three days of complete rest.   (A critical success on a Medical test will heal one wound with 1d3+2 hours of treatment).


Knocking on Death’s Door

Every round after your Adventurer reaches zero hit points,and fails a resilience check, they must roll 1d6.  On a 1 or 2, they have unlocked one of the locks for Death’s Door.  


On a 3 or higher, they have been turned away.  If the Adventurer is turned away three times, they are no longer in danger of passing through Death’s Door and are stabilized (still insensible and with zero hit points, but alive).   


If they open three locks on Death’s Door, they will automatically pass through and be dead.   If an Adventurer takes damage while knocking on Death’s Door, it automatically opens a lock.


Instant Death

Taking massive amounts of damage can send your Adventurer speeding straight through Death’s Door to greet the Reaper face to face.  


If your character takes enough damage to reach a negative amount equal or higher than the maximum hit points they have, then they have died.

Damage, Wounds and Death

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