A brief history of Skalara

The lands known as Skalara were once the frontier of a powerful empire.  Several generations past, the frontier settlements of Skalara were attacked en masse by armies of Beastfolk, led by a charismatic Bearman warrior called Adruna Bloodsnout.   A war raged for several years as the beastfolk armies ravaged the Imperial settlements.  Great magics were called upon and the servants of both gods and demons were said to have been involved in the fight.   


Adruna had a shaman, called Dirnath av Maudroch, who claimed to have been sired by Maudroch, the dark god of conquest and destruction.  Dirnath called upon magics that sank much of the land around the Imperial city of Baalbekis, leaving a portion of the mighty city isolated upon an island in a newly created bay. 


Imperial Priests of the Church of Light, backed by the Imperial Guard; led by General Maximus Wulf, tracked down Bloodsnout and Dirnath’s main encampment, located to the southwest of The Great Northern Wall, and launched an attack upon the Beastfolk forces.  Dirnath summoned forth an avatar of the god Maudroch to destroy the forces of the humans after seeing General Wulf and Bloudsnout inflict fatal wounds upon one another.  


The Priests of Light, seeing the dark magics being wielded by Dirnath and her acolytes, beseeched Oberon for assistance, who responded by sending a huge spear of glowing white stone to impale Maudroch’s avatar, driving him beneath the ground and creating a massive fissure and explosion.   The armies of both sides were almost completely destroyed, the survivors making their way out of the dead lands around the spear and past the newly created ring of hills and mountains that arose from the force of the blow from above.      


The leaders of both groups, after a few, half-hearted skirmishes, signed a treaty, granting the Empire the lands east of the river, with any settlements to the west of the river having to be freeholds open to all and under no specific rule, with the exception of Fort Wulf, which would be raised at the entrance to the Deadlands; dedicated to keeping watch on the Spear of Ober and the wasteland it created. 


Around the same time the Beast Wars were occurring, a strange mist rose from the depth of the Vast Deeping, impeding water travel between the Empire and the Skalara region.   Many ships entering the mists were never seen or heard from again, a few emerged from the mists with tales of madness gripping the crew and monstrous beings attacking ships. 


As time passed and no new emissaries from the Empire arrived, the folk of Skalara realized that they were on their own.  Various individuals and groups declared themselves to be in charge, resulting in a number of minor (and some not so minor) conflicts among the human settlements over several years, with the final result being lots of destruction and a realization that individual City States might be the best answer.   

There now exists several large City-States and a number of smaller towns and villages that either manage to remain independent or have allied themselves with one or more of the City-States.   Territory disputes sometimes occur, but for the most part, the City-States have been at peace with one another for the past 20 years. 

A brief history of Skalara

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